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Psychic Fortune Teller by Vivian will help you find the future you desire. For over 55 years, I’ve seen countless futures through my accurate psychic readings. I can read your future from your palm or my mystical deck of tarot cards during private phone or in-person consultations. Whether you need a love spell to enchant someone you admire or you need to release negative energy, I have the right spells for any situation. 

Love Spells

Are you looking for love in your life? My alluring love spells promise to dazzle and charm. Sometimes true love just needs a little persuasion. This ritual will bring a new, healthy relationship to your doorstep and give you the love you deserve.

Reuniting Love Spells  

Just like Anne Elliot and Captain Frederick Wentworth, some love stories should never die. Psychic Fortune Teller by Vivian wants your true love to succeed, even through tough times. My reuniting love spell will heal any past problems you’ve had in your relationship, allow you and your loved one to reunite, and provide you with long-lasting romance.

Sex Spells  

Has your relationship lost the passion it once had? My sex spell will rekindle any lost zeal and insert a new, everlasting closeness into your relationship. Enjoy a reawakened stamina, passionate intensity, and newly born romance.

Bad Spirit Removal

Having a bad spirit attached to you can cause painful thoughts, emotional outbursts, and broken relationships. If you feel a constant negativity surrounding you, I will trap the spirit and break its attachment to your aura so you can be free to enjoy your life again.

Addiction Removal Spells

Is your addiction ruining you or your loved one’s life? My addiction removal spells will lift any bad habits, including drinking, smoking, gambling, and overeating. Addictive behavior is hard to overcome, but after my spell, you’ll never face another addiction.

Commitment Spells

If your partner has commitment issues, set up a consultation with Psychic Fortune Teller by Vivian. With you and your partner present, my commitment spell will break any ties of doubt and create a new relationship strengthened by loyalty and faith.

Life History Readings

Knowing who you were in a past life can tell you everything you need to know about your future. My gift of sight allows me to look into your past lives, find common obstacles, and give you the knowledge you need to overcome future barriers.

Mending Marriages Spells

Marriage is a life investment, but sometimes negative energy can find its way in. No problem is unfixable—any marriage can be fixed with my mending marriage spell. This ritual will ensure any negativity is cleansed from the relationship so you and your spouse can find love once again.

Money Spells

Having little or no money can cause strife and negativity in your life. If you find yourself bogged down by debts and late paychecks, my money spells will provide you with a prosperous future filled with financial stability. 

Root Cleansing  

The Muladhara, or root chakra, is the base form of development, vital life force, and energy. When impurities find their way into your root chakra, it can be difficult to stay positive and overcome obstacles. My root cleansing spell will detoxify your root chakra and allow you to move on mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Spiritual Cleansing

It’s known that if you’re negative all the time, you’ll only experience negative situations. My spiritual cleansing spell will banish any negative forces that have entered your spirit and allow you to find positivity again and foster positive relationships with the people in your life. 

Pet Readings

Psychic Fortune Teller by Vivian will communicate with your furry friend. Your pets are part of your family and sometimes miscommunications can happen. Schedule your psychic reading for your pet, and you’ll begin to understand toxic behavior patterns and find resolutions to make both you and your pet happy again.

Infidelity Spells

Are you worried that your partner is being unfaithful? My infidelity spell will catch any suspicious behavior before it happens and encourage your partner to focus on your relationship instead of negative thoughts of betrayal. 

LGBTQI+ Spells    

Whether you’re cisgender, transgender, or gender fluid, my spells will help you find your true self and feel comfortable being you. Connecting with yourself will help you find the self-love you deserve. Schedule your psychic reading today, and I’ll rekindle any lost connections in your life.  

Tarot Card Readings  

Psychic Fortune Teller by Vivian will read your future through tarot cards. I don’t choose the cards—the cards choose you. By reading my deck, I can accurately predict your future and provide you with in-depth explanations about your current life situation and address your concerns. After your tarot card reading, you’ll be prepared for your future obstacles and know how to reach your goals.  

Custom Spells  

I can create a spell for anything you desire. With over five decades of experience, I’ll find the right spell to help you find your way and fulfill your dreams. Call me today to schedule your private consultation.

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